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Lecture preparing has not changed for decades. Every teacher has to do the same things. Every day! Every year! Preparation goes as follows:

Working at Home

Based on the timetable, teacher writes data in a kind of book (notebook, agenda, or a special notebook with blank tables for entering the data).
For every class (school hour) teacher has to write the following:

  • Lecture name
  • teaching unit
  • teaching topic
  • course
  • student and teacher activities
  • goals and objectives
  • correlation
  • teaching aids
  • literature...


  • a short description
  • a schedule...

If teacher wants to modernize the teaching, he/she probably needs to use:

  • school computer and video projector
  • and multimedia files (we will not discuss copyright at the moment)

Teacher can find multimedia files on:

  • Internet
  • her/his personal computer (already prepared and memorized)

Or can make them by various computer programs:

  • MS Power Point
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Movie Maker
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • AutoCAD
  • MasterTool
  • Folien Director...

When teacher make the necessary files, he/she will leave the original files in source folders and will:

  • copy the same files on flash memory
  • maybe, copy the same files to the new folder named by the title of the lecture he/she preparing

Working at School

Teacher comes to school with her/his:

  • notebook (agenda or papers) as a reminder and
  • memory (flash/CD-ROM/DVD) with multimedia files

At the beginning of the lecture, teacher:

  • puts the notebook on the desk and opens it,
  • turns on video projector and teacher's computer (desktop, notebook, tablet or netbook),
  • inserts the memory (stick or CD-ROM)
  • and at the same time, has to find adequate files (school property) at the school's computer.

During the lesson teacher uses:

  • notebook as a reminder
    • what to talk about
    • where the files are (in which folder)
    • which files to play
    • what to talk while files are played on video projector
  • desktop computerfor
    • finding files
    • playing files
    • controlling video projector

After the lecture

Teacher keeps texts in notebook and all files for the next class, as well for the next school year.

If the teacher needs to change something, he/she must:

  • write completely new preparations
  • prepare new multimedia files and their lists
  • make new class schedule and comments

Do we really need, in informatics century, to prepare a lecture like 50 years ago?


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Don't Waste Content

School's or teacher's own multimedia content will not be in the same folders on all school computers. Sometimes teacher's personal folders and files may be renamed or even deleted! As a real professional, every teacher should always be ready for a backup option. If it is not late, the same teacher’s files (if he/she has them at all) should be carried on flash memory. Texts, photographs, tables, sound and video files will always be with him/her. And teacher will be satisfied. But not for long.

Don't Waste Time

When creating and presenting educational contents teachers use a lot of programs and spend hours. Furthermore, in the search for programs and already prepared files on the school computers, they spend at least 5 minutes per school class. Sometimes they never find the file. Why wasting time?

Don't Waste IT

In a few months, all computers will be overloaded with multimedia files. You will not know which file is used for particular lecture. Duplicated contents are inevitable. Time for finding files is increased. Therefore you must use, as reminder, paper agenda. Once again. Poor organization can take you away from your computer. Why wasting IT?

Don't Waste Paper

Book, paper agenda, organizer or notebook are unfortunately very much used for lecture preparation. For every lecture, teachers write a lot of data. But, more important is the content. Teachers note down all the activities, from the first to the last minute of the lecture as well as the files he/she needs. Some files are folders, some on CD-ROMs, and some are downloaded. However, teachers need to enter not only file names, but also descriptions of contents which will be explained to students. Do you really need paper instructions?


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