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DSB Editor - Working with

My Lectures

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In this part you connect lessons with libraries. This option is slightly complicated and we will explain more. First you choose the appropriate dsb or dsbx file. Program will save the lecture’s path, and after that it will offer the same lecture name and description as it is in a file. But you can change it.


My Libraries

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For easier lecture management, lectures should be grouped in libraries and sections. After the first program start, "My Lectures" section will be empty. You haven't made ​​any virtual libraries and sections yet



Lecture Transfer and Exchange

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Your ESB Editor copy has to be registered and activated. For lecture delivering at school we’ve made the ESB Player which is free, but without editing options.

Lecture Transfer

Lecture transfer from home to school and vice versa has never been easier. Simply click the “Pack” button, choose memory stick, save on it, take the memory stick to school, plug in the classroom computer, double click the lecture and the ESB Player will be opened and ready to help us teaching.

Lecture Exchange

Files can be exchanged in many different ways: by mail, via Internet, sometimes for free and sometimes for a fee. You choose what you want, and we will help you do that. More information soon could be found on this website and on local sites of each country (e.g.,

Lecture Playing - ESB Player

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Your ESB Editor copy has to be registered and activated. For lecture delivering at school we’ve made the ESB Player which is free, but without editing options.


Protection and Lecture Copyright

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 During lecture planning, author must specify whether lecture can be used and/or edited by other users (authors). In this way, author protects his/her own hard work, and decides if he/she wants to exchange or sale his/her lectures.

DSB Editor - First Start

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Downloading and Installation

  1. Go to our Download Section, choose language and then download installation
  2. Call the setup.exe and follow the instructions

REMEMBER: In order to run, our program needs Microsoft .NET Framework 4 to be installed (this is a free program that will be installed automatically with our program installation or you can install from here).


ESB Editor is a "try-before-you-buy" software product. This means:

1. All copyrights to ESB Editor are exclusively owned by Multisoft and co.Tec.

2. Anyone may use this software during an evaluation period of 15 days. If you wish to continue to use ESB Editor after this period, you must register and activate the program.


Lecture Schedule

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After entering the lecture heading (general data), you can enter smaller parts of the lecture - schedule items. These lecture parts are ordered by minute (when initiating the appropriate part of the lesson). Beside name and comment, for every lecture single part (item) you can also enter teaching methods, aids, all activities, literature, etc.


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Don't Waste Content

School's or teacher's own multimedia content will not be in the same folders on all school computers. Sometimes teacher's personal folders and files may be renamed or even deleted! As a real professional, every teacher should always be ready for a backup option. If it is not late, the same teacher’s files (if he/she has them at all) should be carried on flash memory. Texts, photographs, tables, sound and video files will always be with him/her. And teacher will be satisfied. But not for long.

Don't Waste Time

When creating and presenting educational contents teachers use a lot of programs and spend hours. Furthermore, in the search for programs and already prepared files on the school computers, they spend at least 5 minutes per school class. Sometimes they never find the file. Why wasting time?

Don't Waste IT

In a few months, all computers will be overloaded with multimedia files. You will not know which file is used for particular lecture. Duplicated contents are inevitable. Time for finding files is increased. Therefore you must use, as reminder, paper agenda. Once again. Poor organization can take you away from your computer. Why wasting IT?

Don't Waste Paper

Book, paper agenda, organizer or notebook are unfortunately very much used for lecture preparation. For every lecture, teachers write a lot of data. But, more important is the content. Teachers note down all the activities, from the first to the last minute of the lecture as well as the files he/she needs. Some files are folders, some on CD-ROMs, and some are downloaded. However, teachers need to enter not only file names, but also descriptions of contents which will be explained to students. Do you really need paper instructions?


Need translation and localization for Your language? If...

Trial Versions

You can download fully functional trial version from here! First choose language, then download installation.


For additional questions, please send e-mail: