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We live in the 21st century - Informatics Century. So, in the world of lifelong learning we must use IT resources as much as possible, in free time as well as in work. Like our children, we have to use new learning and working concepts. Every day we have to make most of all benefits and opportunities.

Has anything changed as far as lectures planning is concerned? Many teachers use Power Point to make lecture presentations. But, full preparations are still in their notebooks. Believe it or no - on paper! Do we really need these papers? Isn't it an absolute waste of time, work, IT resources and paper in the end?


 Waste of Time?


 Waste of Content?



 Waste of IT?



 Waste of Paper?



Depending on how they use computers, teachers can be divided into three main groups:

Teachers who do not use computers

They are mostly older teachers, afraid of using computers because they are IT illiterate. Therefore, we have to encourage them with computer programs easy to use. Not only in slide preparations (Power Point, Master Tool, Folie Director), but also in easier lecture preparation.

When they realize that, in addition to increasing quality of teaching and managing their free time, they will accept computer training. This is a chance to enhance and enrich their later working years far beyond they have ever thought would be possible!

They will begin to learn Power Point or a similar program, but will soon realize that they have no program for lecture organization.

Typical computer-using teachers

Younger teachers use IT more often than their older colleagues. Most of them lack computer knowledge, too. But they are using elementary programs: for lecture presentations (Power Point, Master Tool, Folie Director etc), editing photos and illustrations, text editing (MS Word), making simple spreadsheets (MS Excel), working on Internet and sending e-mails.

With time and experience, teachers become more enthusiastic to see their students use intellectual tools for writing, analyzing data, and solving problems. And they become more comfortable and confident to use computers themselves.

However, as all other groups, they need a program for lecture preparation which will replace all unnecessary papers, notebooks, agendas or plans.

Expert computer users

Exemplary users directly address curriculum goals by having students use a wide variety of computer software, including simulations, programming languages, spreadsheets, database programs, graphing programs, logic and problem-solving programs, writing tools, and electronic bulletin-board communications software.

Exemplary teachers have more years of experience in using computers in their teaching. But, they need a program for lecture preparation, too.

All teachers need a program

Where they can enter preparations (texts, comments, plans and connected multimedia files) for every lecture 

that packs all texts with comments, plans and required media to one single file,  

that could eventually be transferred to another computer (at school) 

and be open and used without any problem.

That enables students see multimedia content on video projector 

and, at the same time, enables teachers see help texts on their personal computers.


That help teachers to easily organize their files on all computers (in his/her own library) 

and share aleady made lessons (my e-mails or Internet portals) 

without waste of time, content, IT and paper

ESB Editor answers all these requirements!

Don't Waste Content

School's or teacher's own multimedia content will not be in the same folders on all school computers. Sometimes teacher's personal folders and files may be renamed or even deleted! As a real professional, every teacher should always be ready for a backup option. If it is not late, the same teacher’s files (if he/she has them at all) should be carried on flash memory. Texts, photographs, tables, sound and video files will always be with him/her. And teacher will be satisfied. But not for long.

Don't Waste Time

When creating and presenting educational contents teachers use a lot of programs and spend hours. Furthermore, in the search for programs and already prepared files on the school computers, they spend at least 5 minutes per school class. Sometimes they never find the file. Why wasting time?

Don't Waste IT

In a few months, all computers will be overloaded with multimedia files. You will not know which file is used for particular lecture. Duplicated contents are inevitable. Time for finding files is increased. Therefore you must use, as reminder, paper agenda. Once again. Poor organization can take you away from your computer. Why wasting IT?

Don't Waste Paper

Book, paper agenda, organizer or notebook are unfortunately very much used for lecture preparation. For every lecture, teachers write a lot of data. But, more important is the content. Teachers note down all the activities, from the first to the last minute of the lecture as well as the files he/she needs. Some files are folders, some on CD-ROMs, and some are downloaded. However, teachers need to enter not only file names, but also descriptions of contents which will be explained to students. Do you really need paper instructions?


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