dsb format


DSB data format is for local / home use only. It has a similar structure to DSBX type, but it can be sad it is just a part of a bigger DSBX file.

Why do we have two similar formats? Let's look how teachers plan their lectures. They have a lot of multimedia files available on their computers.

After entering basic information concerning a new lecture (lecture name, school, grade, teaching units and topics, students activities, literature, the schedule from the first to the last minute, etc), teacher can attach one or more external files with every activity separately. After lecture editing, a complete plan should be saved in a kind of index file with DSB extension. Index file contains all entered data ordered by minute, but without attached multimedia files. DSB file has paths to external files only, not files themselves. DSB file is a lecture skeleton, while DSBX file is a complete body.

Each multimedia file can be used in several lectures and if teacher saves each plan within DSBX format, all bigger "packed" files will occupy a lot of hard disk space.

If teacher still doesn't want to take lectures to school, he/she will keep the data in a smaller DSB format files.